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The successful bidders for funding from the 2018 Regatta were; SeaChange Sailing Trust £300 and Brent Steam Tug Trust £300

How to apply for charity funding

Each year any money that is raised at the Maldon Regatta which is surplus to the financing of future regattas is donated to charity. Your charity may be eligible! Our criteria for selecting the charity/s to donate to each year are;

1. Must be a local charity.

2. Will be of benefit to local people, especially the young or disadvantaged.

3. Ideally related to the the river but not essential.

The decision about which charity/s receive funding each year is taken at our AGM which is usually held in February or March. Applicants will be informed of the date.

If you would like to make an application, please do so in writing, posting to;

Maldon Town Regatta Association, 36, North St., Maldon, Essex, CM9 5HL

Applications should be received at least two weeks before the published date of the AGM